Customer FAQ's

How do I register an account?

Simply download the App and click on “Sign Up or Register account” on the main screen.


How much does the App cost?

The UrbanSense™ App is free to download and can be found on both the Apple iTunes store (for iOS) and on the Play Store (for Android)


Where can I download the App?

The UrbanSense™ App can be found on both the Apple iTunes store (for iOS) and on the Play Store (for Android)


Where can I find a Service Provider?

We have three ways of getting a service provider on our platform. Once logged;

1. Search for the service from the list then your job request will be sent out to five service provides in your locality who will respond as soon as they get your request notification, once service providers reply to your request chose one that you are comfortable with, book a service by making a payment of the amount the service provider has quoted you, or

2. Simply click on your desired category (e.g. Plumber, Electrician, Handyman or Locksmith etc.) and choose a Service Provider from the list under that category. Service Providers are shown at the bottom in your closest proximity but rest assured that no matter how far they are as soon as you press request they will be on their way to your desired location.

3. We indicate featured service providers based on the service level rating at the top of the App (or bottom of the website), you may select a service provider directoy from there should you wish to chose those service providers.


There are no Service Providers online in the category I want?

While we have a very large number of Service Providers Signed Up to the UrbanSense™ App to bring our customers their desired service, there may be an odd occasion where a Service Provider is not available in your desired location or off line. In such cases simply go into the desired category and send us your request. Our support team will then contact you to connect you to a Service Provider as soon as possible.


How does the costing work?

Please be sure to understand the costing with your chosen service providers. To give you peace of mind, all our costings are agreed by customers with Service Providers for each category and therefore no more issues of getting ripped off.


Why do I need to enter my payment details?

We want all UrbanSense users to be as safe as possible. We vet our Service Providers to ensure our customers are safe. We however also need to ensure our Service Providers are safe and ensuring a payment is made prior to sending out a service provider to you adn we store the payment details on the system to help with safety for all.


How do I pay for a job?

All payments are done through the App following the satisfactory completion of a job. No more hassle with cash as we do not accept cahs payments. We also ensure the highest quality of service as we will not hand over a payment to a Service Provider unless the Customer is happy with the service provided.


How can I trust letting one of these Service Providers into my home?

All our Service Providers are vetted and criminally checked to the highest level before they are added to the UrbanSense™ App.


Are the jobs insured?

Yes. All our Service Providers are required to carry proffesional indemnity insurance aas part of the terms and conditions of using the App; on top of this UrbanSense™ adds an additional layer of insurance (of up to R1000 per annum limited to R3000 over three years per clients without accrual) for incidental breakage and theft. All workmabship is must be covered by the service providers insurance, if you are not sure if they are covered, enquire with them directly via the platform for record keeping.


When will a Service Provider be at my desired location?

As soon as you press the Book Service button in the UrbanSense™ App the Service Provider will be on their way to your desired location at teh time you agreed with them in your service request ticket. 


Can I request a different location for the services?

Absolutely. Simply select the address you desire service at and the Service Providers will make way to that location at agreed time after you have made teh payment to book service.


What happens if I’m not happy with the work done?

Clients should double check completion of the work by the service provider before notifying us that the job is complete. In an unfortunate event that you are not happy after clicking "Job Complete" on the App, simply contact us at within seven days of the job being completed and we will get in touch to ensure this is addressed immediately. We will not hand over your payment to a Service Provider until you are happy. All payments are held for 7 days to ensure good workmanship. We will also ensure our in-house team addresses any bad workmanship and send out a service provider to bring this up to standard.


Who can I speak to about App crashes and bugs?

Please write to us at support@urbansenseglobal.com. The App is constantly evolving and we would love to hear your thoughts so please do get in touch.

Service Provider FAQ's

How do I sign up as a Service Provider?

Simply go to www.urbansenseglobal.com and click on the “Join as a Service Provider” button on the home screen. The majority of our onboarding process is done online and you will be guided through the required documentation as well we the vetting process or watch this video to learn more.


Where can I download the App?

The UrbanSense™ App can be found on both the Apple iTunes store (for iOS lnkd.in/dexhgcH ) and on the Play Store (for Android lnkd.in/dbyyzT2) . UrbanSense Pro App can also be downloaded here for both the Apple iTunes store (for iOS https://apple.co/385Z9EY ) and on the Play Store (for Android http://tiny.cc/u6hmkz )


How much do I need to pay UrbanSense?

Downloading the App is Free and using the App is Free for users. The service provider charges  you for the service booked.  We do not have recommended hourly rates for services so negotiate with your chosen service provider. 


Why do I need to upload a profile picture?

We want to ensure the safety of all our customers and a profile picture gives them peace of mind of who they are letting into their homes.


When will I be paid?

All payments are processed within seven business days of a job being satisfactorily completed.


Where will I be paid?

Payment will be made directly to the account of your choice following the satisfactory completion of a job and post the 7 business day holding period (to ensure customers are happy with all work provided).