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There are plenty of customers looking for your service and finding these customers is easier said than done. With UrbanSense™ you sign up for a working area so every customer service request you receive is exactly where you want to work.


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Our Fees

About commission fees

The customer requests a service from service providers who are in close proximity to them. When you get a notification of service request from a customer in your area, accept to discuss the terms and the scope of work.

Contact details won’t be shared with the customers, all communication must take place on the platform in order to protect the customer and service provider in case of disputes.

Feature Service Providers

Featured service providers per category indicating their service level ratings (At the bottom of the website as a link to the service provider details). Contact Us should you need more information regarding being featured on the main page.

How much will I pay for a completed job?

UrbanSense™ charges a flat commission rate of 10% on all job completed and secured through the platform. The fee is deducted before the amount is paid over to the service provider.

When do I get payments from UrbanSense?

UrbanSense™ will pay all amounts due to the service providers to a chosen bank account after seven days from the date the job was signed of as “Completed” on the platform.

Are there any membership or joining fees?

UrbanSense™ does not charge a membership, subscription, monthly or joining fee. The App is free, Mahala!

Do you credit or refund fees?

We do not credit or refund fees under any circumstances.

We don't credit or refund fees because it is impractical and costly for us to accurately verify the outcome of a job.

Why Should you Register?

Quality service providers should expect to generate a return after a relatively short period of time. Should you feel that you have tried your best and still UrbanSense™ has not delivered value for money, we'll be happy to look at your account and discuss ways of improving your success rate.